Change of Tactics

Change of Tactics

I have come up with a change of tactics.

In amongst all the other things I’ve been doing with regard to my websites, I have been re-reading (you could call it re-editing) books I’ve previously written at a rate of about three or four chapters a day, with the idea of bringing them into line with the ‘industry-expected’ word count for their genre. I’ve decided that writing more books is not as important as getting the ones that already exist in the best shape possible.

Or maybe I could still write new stories but at a slower pace. Yes, that sounds like a good compromise, because I would miss writing if I stopped completely even for a couple of months.

I’ve also come up with a change of tactics with respect to my eyesight. Going to the optician here is difficult for me, and, except for a check up for disease, I don’t really need to go anyway. I can read paperbacks and the Kindle Fire HDX I’m writing this on without glasses, but I need them for my laptop, so I got to thinking that maybe my problem has to do with contrast.

Therefore, first, I increased the on-screen font size by 25%, and that helped, but then I chose one of the high contrast screen configurations and the combination worked a treat. So now I still don’t need new glasses. Just go to your desktop and right-click for the options. The change does affect every programme you use, and some, like spreadsheets look very strange, but you can tone them down within their own options menus.

The last change of tactics has worked for me so far, despite everything ‘looking odd’, I just hope that the first change will be equally profitable.

All the best.


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