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This book is a guide to obtaining a UK visitor's visa for a friend or loved one. It is sometimes referred to as a fiancée visa, because, in Thailand at least, many men try to get one for their girlfriend.
Having said that, the details in this book apply to anyone trying to obtain a visa for someone else and to any country without special status. The only difference would be the location of the embassy.
However, this book does not go into the details of how to fill in the forms. The embassy's website and staff are better at that and the questions change anyway. Rather, this book tells the applicant and sponsor what the embassy help desk does not say or at least hides very well. It guides you in the minefield of how you are expected, but never told how, to prove that you are in a 'long-standing relationship' so that you get your visa the first time and avoid unnecessary, expensive agency fees and the heartache of refusal.
The cost of the book includes unlimited free email consultation with the author.
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