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The Megan Series is a collection of novellas about the spiritual and psychic development of Megan, a young teenage girl.

Megan has psychic powers that she can't understand, because they are just awakening in her. She desperately wants to talk to someone about them, but the first person she turns to, her mother, does not want to know.

In fact, she punishes Megan quite severely for mentioning her abilities.

The first book, The Misconception', shows the stress and the conflict between Megan and her mother, Suzanne, although her father, Robert, seems blissfully unaware that anything is going on..

In this first book, we also meet her familiar, Grrr, a twelve foot Siberian tiger; her deceased grandfather, and her Spirit Guide.

The second book is called 'Megan's Thirteenth' and it takes place about six months later. The main players in the cast are the same, but we get to meet some of Megan's friends too and Wacinhinsha, Megan's Spirit Guide, gives her some 'simple' exercises to practise with.

The third instalment is due out in August 2013, and then a new one every month after that.

Written by Ceri Carpenter who has had a life-long interest in the supernatural and paranormal.
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