Some of My Books

50% Off Coupon Codes!


For a while, I will be giving 50% off coupons for these fab #books!

So look now, because they are my best ones! If you have never heard of these books, just click the links and they will lead you to descriptions on Smashwords.

You will also be able to read and/or download the first chapter of the book or more so you can get a better idea what the story is about.

Click the link of your choice and enter the discount coupon code at the checkout.

[mgh id=”s4″ msg=”Click a LIKE button to release the codes” des=”These coupon codes are valid until August 14th, 2015″]

#BehindTheSmile – coupon code: BS36T –

#DeadCentre – coupon code: XL76W –

#TigerLily of Bangkok- coupon code: UP65T –

All the best, and don’t be afraid to post your comments here and tell your friends,